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This is a "work in progress", listing all members, parents, and staff associated with the corps.  My apologies for omitting anyone from this list.   I want to include all members, regardless of how many seasons they performed with the corps.  So, please, if you know of any missing names - let me know, and let's find them so they are added to our "connection collection."  

I have noted all people whose email or mailing address I have NOT collected by noting their name in GREEN ITALIC.    These are people for whom I have no email or home mailing addresses. 

If you would like to check if one of these members has an email address, simply click on the Email Members icon.  I have this password protected, simply to protect us from internet robots who harvest email addresses for spamming.  The username is ALLGIRL (no space) and the password is DRUMCORPS.    

First Name

Maiden Last Name

Current Last Name


Terry Amato    
Carol Andreasen Yeakle
Peggy Anton     
Michele Antonich    
Christine Ash    
Anne Karin Ask    
Lillian Ask
Debbie Aymil    
Faith Banko  Nobrega  
Marie Bartholomay  Crothers  
Carol Bartholomay  Quinn  
Jennifer Bashfield Burrows  soprano
Carolyn Belbey    
Karen Belbey Mariani  baritone
Donna Belbey Belbey  
Elissa Benes Antonucci  
Kim Blood Bentley  
Anne  Brown    
Kim Brozon  Dachiesen  
Terri Buchanon Tate  baritone
Shirley & Ted Buchanon    
Christine Buck    
Donna Caruso    
Dawn Casey    
Lisa Champion    
Annette Champion    
Lisa Christopher Christopher  
Pam Cline    
Debbie Conklin  Vogt  
Tricia Conklin Colucci  melaphone
Tim Conway guard instructor
Chris Cook    
Jennifer Corcoran    
Chris Covert Miller  
Terry Covert Covert  
Bill & Kathy Covert Covert  
Vicki Dahn    
Kathy Datria Knichel color guard capt. drum major
Robin Davenport  Acone  
Terry Davenport  Piekarz
Kerry Davenport Ehrhardt  
Juliana Debski Debski   color guard instructor
Denise Decker    
Melissa DeLuca    
Maria Delvecchio Overton hornline
Lisa Dillon Rodriquez baritone
Maureen Donachie    
Francine Donachie    
Diane Donaldson Adam  drumline
Erma & Bill Donaldson
Kathy Downes Dekmar  drumline
Susan Dziki    
Kim Edwards    
Dawn Englander
Lori Englander
Jim Egbert    
Caryn Farnsworth Farnsworth
Eileen & Phil Farnsworth    
Sue Firth Welfringer  color guard, drum major
Don Flynn Flynn  instructor, drumline
Joan Francomacaro    
Jean Francomacaro    
Bonnie Ward Fransen
James Fransen    
Christi Fransen    
Jennifer Fraser
Sue Fritts D'Aiuto  
Beth Ann Garabrant Shalongo  
Lorrie & Gene Garabrant Garabrant
Alice Gilligan Starzinski  
Carolyn Guzik Fenton
Linda Havron Chico  
Karen Havron McCormack  
Stephanie Heines Baier  
Dawn Heller    
Mary Jane Heller    
Julie Hemingway  DeLorenzo  
Pauline Herbert    
Jaci Hller    
Angela Hudson Hudson (Dr.)
Bob Hughes    
Cheryl Huntley Howie
Kelly Kask    
MaryAnn Kelly Kelly  
Shannon Kelly    
Jean Kelly Florek  
Ann Marie Kelly Kelly  
Karen Kelly Russo  
Anne Kernor Davis  
Catherine (Katie) Kernor Skrinak
Sherri Klepesch    
Marci Klepesch Gregory  
Pam Kline Fine
Dina Knecht Secchiaroli soprano
Shari Knecht Kuzel mellophone
Shelli  Knipper Knipper
Dan Kocher Kocher drum instructor
Mary Kufta    
Mikki Lawler    
Bill & Joanne Leone    
Debra Leone    
Debbie Lindner    
Jodi List McCabe
Jo Marie  List List
Patty Long Ferrigo  
Kathy Long Seraut  
Bonnie Lourie Sullivan  
Michael Lovito    
Sandra Lowe    
Kelly Ludwig Burger  
Rosanne Lutz
Tricia Lynch Smith  
Kathy Mackin    
Marty Mackin    
Cheryl Mackin    
Beth Maffia Cicchetti  
Donna Marino    
Linda Marone
Michelle Marone
Maja Mask    
Jenna Massuk Broska  
Dana Massuk Massuk  drum line
Doreen Massuk Turkot  
Kelly McCormick Ryden  
Judy McCormick    
Patty Meehan Cautillo  bugle
Kathy Meehan Springsteen  
April Miller    
Caryn Murray   snare drummer
Cathy Nealous Reese  
Lewis Nerikas    
Eva Nori Sayous  color guard
Charlie Nunn Nunn
Jack  Nunn Nunn
Theresa Nunn Daniels  
Debbie Nunn Ruiz  
Doreen Nunn Pickett  
Maureen O'Brien  Kurtz  
Bridget O'Connor
Michele Ozarski  Putnam  
Heather Pace
Laura Palazzolo Ferfecki 
Cindy Papay    
Alison Papay    
Ralph Pennacchio    
Winnie Perotti    
Paula Perotti  
Fran Peterson Gilchrist
Dana Phelps
Rawland Phillips    
Brendalee Phillips Phillips  
Michelle Philson Humphries  
Denise Philson Bruchman   
Kim Pierson    
Debbie Rechsteiner    
Jennifer Reynolds
Susan Reynolds Thompson  
Kelly Robertson    
C. C. Rockis    
Diana Rohn Nieves  
Lori Rohn Spetaccino  
Paul and Jill Rost Rost  
Katherine Runyon    
Stephanie Salata    
Gina Sanders Hagenbush
Michele Schorno Reynolds color guard
Frances Schwartz    
Heidi Scripture    
George & Mary Scripture    
Michele Seprish    
Nancy Shelby Shelby  
Joanne Slater    
Andrea Slater  Slater  
Andrea Smith    
Andy Smolko Smolko  
Christine Stickle  Esposito color guard
Jennifer Stites
Sandy Stites Gibbons  
Heidi Stites Stites  color guard & baritone
Alice Stole Stole  
Joanne Stole Stole   
Karen Stroble
Joyce  Stroble
Tommy Swan    
Jackie Taylor Barnum   
John & Maria Theodore    
Heidi Thompson
Wendy Thompson Caporaso Drum Major
Linda Tironi
Lisa Townsend    
Elise Turner Turner  
Janice Vnenchak  
Sandy Votapeck Carhart  
Mary Lynn Votapeck  Miller  
Frank & Maryanne Votapeck Votapeck  
Betty  Waer Waer
Connie Waer Lampron  
Lisa Waer Merola  
Caroline Ward Straw  
Cheryl Ward    
Robin Ward Smith  
Wanda Ward Jenkins  
Ronny Werner    
Marcy White
Laurie White Harris
Nanette Wholf    
Cheryl Willis
Debbie Wistner    
Jeanine Wladich
Karen Wolf
Debra Yanovok    
Dorraine Yarosz    
Michelle Young Bonacci
Tina Zanotti Zaycer